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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about holiday treats? Of course it’s cake. We have been in love with this incredible beauty and taste since our early childhood. Any feast or celebration will be much better and more enjoyable if there is a cake. It adds sophistication and makes you and your guests much happier.
My name is Lisa, I am a pastry chef for 10 years and during this time I went from a person who couldn’t cook even the simplest dish to a master confectioner of international fame.
I started this site to give myself more freedom to do what I truly love and to delight you with culinary works of art.
You can order any kind and complexity of cake here, choose from hundreds of different fillings and bases and I will make you the most delicious cake of your life. All you need to do is decide what you want and place your order. Then I will contact you and we will discuss everything in detail to the smallest detail.

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A little about us and our products

This project came about when my professional experience allowed me to go ahead and open my own business. In 10 years of work and management I managed to gather a small but extremely talented team of pastry chefs, equip a modern kitchen with high quality equipment and gather a large number of regular satisfied customers and good reviews. We treat our work with love and improve every day to delight you with more and more delicious cakes. I used my grandmother’s recipe to make my first cake and this is what allowed me to find many customers right away at first. Subsequently, I have not abandoned this tradition and most of our recipes have parts of what our mothers or grandmothers once made us.
I also made the decision to make all of our products solely from quality (often local, because they are the freshest) products, not to add flavor enhancers, colorings, palm oil, flavorings, margarine, vegetable fats and egg powder. In short, all of our production is now a big home-style kitchen with no room for artificial ingredients. Nothing that you wouldn’t want to treat your child to. I always list the full composition and standard to which the dessert meets, so it’s easier for you to make a choice in favor of our products.
Our cakes do not have a long shelf life (because of the natural composition), so we always try to make cakes less than a day before the holiday.

Bon appetit.

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Paste was invented to preserve flour and prevent it from spoiling. It was originally made from gourd flour, as no other flour was available.
History is silent as to who first noticed that a mixture of flour and water stored well and held its shape for a long time. I think the first pasta was made almost at the same time as flour and was similar to lasagna. People used to tear sheets of dough with their hands and throw them into boiling water.

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