About Us

Hi! I'm Lisa. Here's my story

My grandfather was the founder of a little roadside pastry shop by the ocean, catering to travelers who were traveling from Britain to Europe and back. The dish that made the place famous was apple pie.
It so happened that I practically grew up in the restaurant. Every morning I tasted the desserts that my grandparents made. They and my parents encouraged my interest in such dishes and did not interfere with my culinary education. In spite of these facts, at first I didn’t want to tie my life to cooking and decided to become an actress. I went to drama school and studied there for three years before I decided to become a pastry chef.
Ten years ago I went back to my family’s pastry shop and started helping out in the kitchen, gradually gaining more and more skill.
A year after that, I decided it was time to take it one step further and improve my skills. I moved to France and worked in the best pastry shops in Paris for 4 years, learning everything they knew from the best pastry chefs.
After Paris, I moved to Rome for 2 years, where I worked in the best pastry shop in the city, which specialized in chocolate products. There I learned a lot of things that I now actively use in my products.
Soon after that I realized that I wanted more freedom and creativity and decided to open my own pastry shop, specializing in cakes and pastries. So “Lisa’s Pastry Shop” appeared, a place that quickly became popular and people really liked it. Unfortunately, in 2020 I had to close the pastry shop, as the number of customers decreased greatly due to the quarantine, and the pastry shop began to bring only losses.
At the same time I decided to move my activities to the Internet, giving my customers the opportunity to order their favorite dishes at any time, making their holidays more vivid.
Since then I work only on individual orders, trying to demonstrate my skills in each of them.